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DAT 00001

Question: How often is the information on the PIPP Load and Other Data page updated?

Answer: The data page is up to date commensurate with source data availability and applicability. Please note that some of these data are continually updated on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

DAT 00002

Question: Does the data prior to June 1, 2011 include both distribution and transmission losses? Have these losses changed since FE Ohio moved from MISO to PJM?

Answer: Yes, the data include both distribution and transmission losses. The Companies have not changed the distribution and transmission loss factors due to the transition to PJM. However, the Companies cannot guarantee they will not change in future planning periods.

DAT 00003

Question: Can you please provide the distribution and transmission losses post transition to PJM?

Answer: Please see the Supplier Tariff and PJM OATT for these values.

DAT 00004

Question: Can you please provide UFE data or factors for the months where PJM’s 60 day revision has taken place?

Answer: UFE Factors are updated routinely commensurate with all primary and reconciliation data.

DAT 00005

Question: Are the capacity PLCs posted in the Historical Hourly Loads by Class file adjusted for Daily Zonal Scaling Factors? For example on 9/30/2011, total PLC is 11,125,336. Is the capacity obligation 11,125,336 or 10,358,800 (11,125,336 * 0.9311)? Will Network Service Peak Load (NSPL) be posted?

Answer: The capacity Peak Load Contributions (PLCs) that are posted have not been adjusted for Daily Zonal Scaling Factors. To equate the posted PLCs to PJM’s Obligation Peak Load in e-RPM (not UCAP) you would multiply them by the Daily Zonal Scaling Factor. The Network Service Peak Load (NSPL) values posted are also the unscaled values. The daily zonal scaling factors for NSPL is also posted.

DAT 00006

Question: Does the non-shopping, hourly load data provided on the Information Website include or exclude PIPP load?

Answer: Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) data are not part of the non-shopping hourly load data posted on the Information Website. PIPP data are provided separately on the Website and can be obtained from the file, “PIPP Customer Data”.

DAT 00007

Question: Are the values posted to the Information Website in the file "Capacity and Transmission PLC.xls", equal to the Obligation Peak Load or is the Obligation Peak Load a function of the PLC values and the Daily Zonal Scaling Factor?

Answer: The Obligation Peak load is a function of the Peak Load Contribution (PLC) values and the Daily Zonal Scaling Factor.

DAT 00008

Question: Can FE provide the RFP winner with access to instantaneous, real-time load information? This would help the winner mitigate real-time risk.

Answer: No. The FirstEnergy Ohio utilities do not have access to real-time data of the Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) obligation.

DAT 00009

Question: In the Hourly Load 6/1/2011 to 12/31/2013 file, it shows that for 6/1/2011 Hr Ending 1, FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities served zero load. Is that correct? Or are all the loads shifted by an hour?

Answer: The load in FirstEnergy Ohio was not zero, nor was it shifted by an hour. Due to complications in the load data caused by ATSI integrating into PJM, the data for this hour are not readily available.

DAT 00010

Question: Are the data included in the FirstEnergy Ohio Utilities' Historical Hourly Loads by Class files included on the Information Website presented in Eastern Standard Time?

Answer: No. The data are in Eastern Prevailing Time.

DAT 00011

Question: In the "Capacity and Transmission PLC" data file, does the "RES Shopped" column on the Capacity PLS tab include the PIPP load?

Answer: No. The Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) load is shown on its own tab.

DAT 00012

Question: In the "Capacity and Transmission PLC" data file, the Grand Total column is the Total FE Load PLC. Can you provide the corresponding UCAP for the Total FE Load?

Answer: No. The data needed to make calculations of this type are publicly available. The Final Zonal RPM Scaling Factors and the Forecast Pool Requirement can be found on the PJM Website. The Daily Zonal Scaling Factors are posted with the load and other data on this Information Website.

DAT 00013

Question: As a follow-up to DAT 00012, is the Grand Total column on the Capacity PLS tab not inclusive of PIPP? The PLS data for the entire FE Ohio footprint would be the sum of the PIPP Capacity PLS tab and the Grand Total column of the Capacity PLS tab?

Answer: That is correct. The Grand Total column does not include Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP).

DAT 00014

Question: Do the non-shopping residential customer counts in the file “Historic Customer Switching.pdf” include both PIPP load as well as the remaining non-shopping residential SSO load, or does it only represent the latter?

Answer: The non-shopping residential customer counts in the file “Historic Customer Switching.pdf” include both PIPP load as well as the remaining non-shopping residential SSO load.

DAT 00016

Question: Can you provide customer counts for the PIPP load?

Answer: A file containing the count of PIPP Customers has been added to the RFP Information Website's data section.  The file is available at:


DAT 00017

Question: There seems to be a big drop in PIPP load (~40MW), based on PLC and NSPL data, between August 21, 2015 and September 30, 2015. Can you please explain this drop in PIPP load?

Answer: The change in values is caused by a change in the number of customers participating in PIPP recognizing that each specific participating PIPP customer has their own usage attributes.

DAT 00018

Question: There's a change in the data/hour format of the hourly load file starting June 1, 2016. The file states all times are Hour Ending. However, because of the date/hour format change, May 31, 2016 would only have 23 hours if the times are, in fact, hour ending. Can you confirm the times are hour ending or hour beginning for the loads before 6/1/16 and the loads after 6/1/16?

Answer: All days include 24 hours. As shown in the data, the hour ending format does not start in column B of the spreadsheet until 6/1/16. Prior to 6/1/16 the data is in hour beginning format and is shown in column A which also includes the year and date. Starting on 6/1/16 column A does not include any hourly information.

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